Below are a series of electronic Admissions Forms parents/carers must complete. There are 6 forms in total:


  • Main Student Admission
  • Health & Medication
  • Home - School Learner Agreement
  • Student Data Sharing Consent
  • ICT Acceptable Use & Internet/Email Permission
  • Marketing & Advertising Consent


Although there is no particular order in which the forms should be submitted, it remains that ALL 6 forms must be completed before you will be invited to collect your child's school uniform.


Some forms are more detailed than others and they will therefore take varying times to complete. For your convenience, we've provided an approximation of the time required to complete each form. It is important that once you start one form, you complete it before starting the next.



Do not attempt to complete any of the forms until you have received an invite email first. Each form requires a unique Parent Security Code which is included in the email.


JSTC Admissions Policy

2021 - 2022

Main Student Admission

(10 to 15 Minutes)

Health & Medication

(10 Minutes)

Home - School Learner Agreement

(5 Minutes)

Student Data Sharing Consent

(10 Minutes)

ICT Acceptable Use & Permission

(7 Minutes)

Marketing & Advertising

(7 Minutes)

Important Notice

We use Microsoft Forms to collect your data.  This is a secure service operated and provided by Microsoft.

Each form will load in its own window, and you will notice the website address changing from our website address to the secure Microsoft URL.  This is perfectly normal.

What is important to understand is that we will NEVER send you an email with a direct link asking you to complete additional forms in the future.

We will only ever provide links to such forms somewhere on our website or via a ClassCharts message so you can be confident they are genuine.

We may provide our website address in emails, but it is always recommended to not click links in emails and to search for our website yourself by Googling 'JSTC' or 'John Spendluffe'.  This way you can be confident the form you are entering data into, is genuine.

Lateral Flow Consent Form

Important Documentation

Home / School Learner Agreement

Free School Meals Letter

Bus Timetable 2021-22

School Uniform Details & Prices

E-Safety Guide


3D Social Distancing Floor Plan

Safeguarding Information

E-Safety Guide


Pastoral Information

Zero Tolerance

Privacy Notices

Parents & Contacts

Pupil Data

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