Our aim is to develop ...






... in each of our students to become confident and motivated young adults.



JSTC prides itself on creating a warm, nurturing and respectful learning environment at the heart of its local community. Staff are passionate about ensuring students receive a first class educational experience in a happy, stimulating setting. As a school, we value, appreciate and celebrate the achievements and efforts of our students.



Staff at JSTC work hard to ensure lessons are both engaging and challenging. Our carefully planned curriculum will nurture and guide our students not only to academic success, but will also ensure they leave us as young adults ready to play a key role in the wider world. Together, we can support your child to excel in school, be happy and leave as confident young people.



JSTC values the contributions that all students make – whether in the classroom, on the sports field or swimming pool, as part of a team in our school council, leading a primary school event or helping a young student with their reading. We believe that, in partnership with parents, we can make the difference and ensure that your child reaches their full potential.

The secret to success


JSTC place great importance on maintaining high standards, providing high-quality teaching and learning, and an educational environment that encourages students to become independent, resourceful and creative learners.


We recognise that, regardless of choice (be that further education or career) learning never stops, and so JSTC prides itself on preparing students to continually adapt and improve.


Young people today enter a world which is ‘global’, fast-paced and ever-changing, therefore our aim is to prepare students to:


  • Take ownership of their learning and to push their comfort zones.


  • Question, review, evaluate and refine their learning.


  • Develop resilience and determination to succeed.


  • Embrace a range of experiences beyond the classroom.

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