Head of Child Development: Mrs Garrard


"Understanding how a child develops from infancy to a young adult, especially in the modern world, gives a crucial insight in to how children interpret their environment, and how their interaction with others - be them adults or children - affects their developing minds."

Departmental Overview


Babies and children are fascinating. If a nursery is visited, children are bound to be playing. However, it's not just play, children are learning specific skills that are needed for ‘everyday’ life.

The body of content for the qualification has been designed to cover the requirements that employers consider essential, so that learners develop a broad and comprehensive understanding of the Early Years Sector.


Students will learn the importance of how children develop between the ages of birth up to 7, about ‘play’ as a route for children’s learning, and finally inclusive practice, empowerment and the role of a key person within an early years setting.


25% of the qualification is externally

assessed using a paper-based exam.


50% synoptic assessment where learners integrate knowledge, understanding and skill from all parts of the qualification.

Child Development

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