Teacher of Music: Miss Shucksmith


"Becoming a young musician at JSTC provides you with stimulating opportunities to build self-confidence; express your individual personality and develop an appreciation for the rich tapestry of music available! Whether you go on to enjoy music for personal satisfaction or create a career from your passion, the opportunities to use the skills and knowledge you build are endless!"

Departmental Aims


Music is one of the important creative subjects we offer at John Spendluffe. It allows pupils to show their creativity in the classroom, and bring their ideas to life. Music here gives pupils the opportunity to compose, perform, enjoy and appreciate the ever changing world of Music, and its enticing and inclusive history.


We aim to:


  • Engage students in learning about a wide variety of music genres, styles and contexts


  • Build upon previous knowledge with specific music vocabulary, which becomes second nature to use and apply


  • Create opportunities for students to practice, rehearse, perform and create music in a wide range of styles/genres


  • Inspire a love of music and being part of a group


  • Teach students how to notate music in an accessible and rewarding to enable them to progress to use and apply advanced composition techniques and performance directions.


  • Explore the many ways music can be combined with other art forms and cross-curricular subject knowledge


  • Encourage students to engage with forming and communicating personal opinions and judgements about the music they experience.


  • Provide opportunities for students to meet professional musicians through workshops, trips and visits.



Year 7 overview:


Throughout Year 7, pupils are introduced to the subject through a wide range of different genres and skills. Pupils are encouraged to build on their confidence through group performances, analysing music and developing music theory skills. Pupils are given the opportunity to take part in extra curricular activities such as signing up to instrumental, or vocal lessons.


Topics will cover the following elements:


- Elements of Music


- Instruments of the orchestra


- Keyboard skills


- An introduction to music theory


- Whole class performance


Year 8 overview:


In Year 8, music gives pupils the opportunity to develop and build on the skills learnt throughout Year 7. The units allow them to dive deeper into the foundations of the subject, again through performance, discussion and composition, and understand how features are interlinked into their everyday lives.


Topics will cover the following elements:


- Elements of Music extended


- Film Music


- Developing keyboard skills including music theory


- Music history


- Genres of Music


- An introduction to composition



Year 9 overview:


Year 9 welcomes pupils into the topics that will support them with furthering their musical knowledge, and prepare them to take the BTEC First Award Qualification in Music in Years 10&11 should they choose to do so.


Topics will cover the following elements:


- Music of the world


- History of popular Music


- Composition extended


- Solo and ensemble performance


- Music technology


- Music events / the industry


Years 10 & 11 overview:


During Year 10 and 11, pupils undertake the BTEC first award in Music qualification, focusing on four key units to support the development of key music knowledge when entering higher education and future career opportunities.


- Unit 1 – The Music Industry


- Unit 2 – Managing a Music Project


- Unit 4 – Introducing Music Composition


- Unit 5 – Introducing Music Performance



Extra Curricular:


- Instrumental / singing lessons with external specialist teachers.


- Music Theory sessions.



Home Learning Resources:


Recommended extra curricular resources to further a pupil’s skill set and musical knowledge:


- ABRSM Music Theory in Practice workbooks to further a pupils theory skills: <click here>


- The AB guide to Music Theory Part 1– Eric Taylor – Book: <click here>


- The AB guide to Music Theory Part 2 – Eric Taylor – Book: <click here>


- Music theory online quizzes: <click here>


- BBC Bitesize Key Stage 3. A range of topics including composition, performance and music technology: <click here>


- BTEC First Award in Music YouTube Playlist for revision guide: <click here>


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