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John Spendluffe Foundation Technology College is the admissions authority.  The decision on who to admit is made by its Governing Body.

  The Governing Body wishes to make it clear that it welcomes applications from students regardless of aptitude or ability.  The published admission number for Year 7 is 125.      
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  Admissions 2018-19 >>      
  Admissions 2018-19 >>      
  Mid Year Scheme      
  If you would like a place for your child who has already started Secondary School, the new system is called Mid Year Scheme.  Please follow the link to advise how to apply.      
  Mid Year Scheme >>      
  Co-Ordinated Process      
  If you would like a place for your child who is currently Year 6 and is transferring to secondary education for the first time next September, please follow the link regarding the co-ordinated process which lists all deadline dates and procedures.      
  Co-Ordinated Process >>      
  The Education Team      
  For further advice and information telephone 01522 782030 or email