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  As part of their form time activities, B-LJH have been working tirelessly on the BBC News Report.  Students have been busy learning about what makes a good news story, how to report a story in a balanced way and how to write in a style suitable for a given audience.      
  With deadlines to meet, students worked together deciding on a news story, gathering information and drafting a news feature.  They also recorded audio and visual reports and edited their written reports before uploading them onto the BBC News section of the school’s website.      
  After lots of discussion the form group decided to write a report on the educational benefits of homework.  All students in the group had a role, either participating on screen or behind the scenes.  The students involved are:      
Harley Brown Leo Burton Mollie Dane
Aaron Edenbrow Matthew Forman-Clark Billy Gray
Liam Gregory Ellie Heath Megan Huthwaite
Jessica Marshall Tegan Morris Oliver Pemberton-Kind
Conor Phillips Christopher Quayle Kyle Radford
Harley Simons Kieran Snell Verity Stainton
Carlie Turton Davis White Annabelle Wilkinson
Leonie Wilkinson Isobel Winfarrah Carl Woolman
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We would like to thank Mrs Shorrock, Mrs Chatterton and Mr Smith for their help in allowing us to interview them.