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  For many schools, the easiest way to introduce able pupils to GIFT is to print off flyers and give them to parents. Bursaries are sometimes available where there is financial hardship, and details are included in the PDFs. You can print off event-specific flyers or one PDF with everything at:      
  Book Recommendation      

Finally, a great suggestion for the school library, or to pass on to teens who are into science: 

  "What If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions” by Randall Munroe,
(scientist and creator of the xkcd comic).
  Just some of the questions answered are:      
  • Is it possible to build a jetpack using downward-firing machine guns?
  • If two immortal people were placed on opposite sides of an uninhabited Earthlike planet, how long would it take them to find each other? 
  Fascinating reading...      
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  Associate Family Membership gives your parents and carers:
  • Fully resourced Parents' Area on our website with printable fact and advice sheets, recorded webinars and activity packs
  • Monthly e-newsletters keeping parents informed about most able, gifted and talented issues, Potential Plus UK initiatives and other opportunities of interest to parents with high potential children
  • Their own links to Spark, Fuse and Ignis
  • Discounts and early bird booking on national events organised by Potential Plus UK
  • Access to the closed Facebook group for parents/carers
  The Associate Membership Code for JSTC is: please contact      
  What does More Able and Talented mean?      
  More Able and Talented describes children and young people who have the ability to develop a level significantly above the average of their year group.      
  More Able learners possess recognised abilities in one or more academic subjects such as Maths or English.      
  Talented learners have strengths in practical subjects such as Sport, Music or Art.      
  All pupils who are recognised as More Able and Talented in a subject or area at JSTC are put onto a central register and parents will receive a letter home to inform parents. Miss Mackenzie follows the progress of these students and ensures that they are achieving their full potential.      
  How do we identify MAT students?      
  Each subject area has specific criteria for identifying MAT students. We use a range of methods to help identify students including internal and external tests, teacher observation and the quality of verbal and non-verbal work. Sometimes, it is simply the quality of discussion or reasoning that proves to a teacher that a student has a natural gift in a subject.      
  The 'R' stream      
  Here at JSTC, we pride ourselves in meeting the educational of all pupils by allowing them to reach their full potential. Pupils who display high ability in their Cognitive Ability (CATs) tests and other assessments are placed in the R stream. This class consists of around the top 25% of the year group and specially adapted schemes of work have been produced in subject areas in order to extend and challenge pupils within classwork and homework. Students in this class are monitored closely and as with all classes, students may be moved in or out at any time in order to best suit a particular student's needs and allow them to reach their full potential.      
  Aspiration days      
  More able and Talented students are involved in a range of Aspirational events to widen their knowledge and further their potential. Students are also pioneers for our primary feeder schools and by sharing their knowledge, they learn key leadership skills.      
  This year students can look forward to the following:      
  • Primary school newspaper day including some Y8 MAT students
  • Lincoln University Taster Day for MAT Y10 students
  • JSTC Newspaper Day for with a team of local professional journalists for Y7 MAT students
  • Creative Writing Day for Y7 and 8 creatively able students
  • ... And many more ventures on the horizon!
  The role of parents with MAT students      
  Parental support is key to challenging MAT children. By helping us ensure homework is complete, students are organised and celebrating their achievements with us, students are more likely to reach their full potential. We are a member of the Potential Plus organisation which gives useful strategies and information for students, parents and teachers.      
  News Items:      
   Louis Perkins - Aiming for GB Selection...      
Louis Perkins   Louis Perkins

The indoor archery season has now finished and it has been an exciting time for one JSTC student! In December, Louis Perkins came second in Archery GB's Junior National Indoor Competition held at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry. Competing in the Junior Gentlemen Under 14 Recurve section he scored 553 in the 18m single Portsmouth competition.

Louis's personal best for a single Portsmouth is now 566, which he achieved at the Lincolnshire County Indoor Championships. The competition - part of a double Portsmouth Tournament - saw Louis break the county and regional (East Midlands Archery Society) record with a score of 1128.

The outdoor season is now underway and Louis has just started shooting at 60m, which is above his age category, and got off to a cracking start with a personal best of 557 for a 720 competition. Louis's aim now is to improve his scores scores further and gain considered for the GB selection shoots. Well done, Louis!
As of Sunday 7 June 2015, Louis is Lincolnshire Junior Gent County Champion. He was already Indoor Champion but managed to achieve first place on Sunday in the outdoor Lincolnshire County Championships in Boston.
Louis is involved in competitions most weekends, and over the next 6/7 weeks will take place in various events in his quest to secure an invitation to the GB Selection next year. Essentially, Louis needs 3 scores of over 595 while shooting at a distance of 60m. Thankfully, on 25 May 2015, Louis managed his first one with a score 601! Well done, Louis!
  Let the games commence!      
  Watch this space for further updates...      
   Language Leader Award      
A group of More Able Year 8 and 9 students have been learning what it is like to be a teacher. They give up one lunchtime a week to learn about how to plan and deliver an exciting lesson for young students. Recently they have trialled teaching a 20 minute Spanish lesson to our Y7 classes and the results were fantastic!
After Easter, the group will be going out to local primary schools to deliver these lessons to some younger students. This worthwhile qualification is improving confidence and teamwork within the group.
   Newspaper Day 2015      
  Newspaper Day 2015      

JSTC hosted its second Primary Newspaper Day on Monday 2nd March and were joined by students from Alford Primary School, Mablethorpe Primary Academy, Huttoft Primary School, St Helena’s Church of England Primary and St Margaret’s C of E Primary School. Students spent the day working with some of our More Able Y8 pupils and journalists from Lincoln University School of Journalism to produce a 16-page colour newspaper with stories from their schools and news from JSTC.

Mr Beverley, the Headteacher at JSTC was involved in a press conference and students asked a range of interesting questions. The newspaper will be ready before the Easter Holidays and the students voted on the name ‘Five Alive’ this year. Students and staff thoroughly enjoyed the day and we can’t wait to see the finished result!
   Double Paralympic gold medallist offers instruction to local archers      
Double Paralympic gold medallist and three-time world champion Danielle Brown MBE (26) was in Spalding on Saturday 18th October for a Performing Under Pressure workshop to help give young archers the all-important mental edge in competition. Louis Perkins, a JSTC student, was one of the lucky young archers to benefit from the expert instruction.

Read the full article >>

  Additional Resources:      
  For MAT students      
  The area below provides useful websites to enrich and challenge your learning in different subjects. It allows you to revise topics, but also to treat yourself to something new and further your own learning independently.      
Careers Wales Channel 4 - Teaching & Learning TeensHealth Environmental Protection Agency Lincoln College
Careers Wales Channel 4 Learning TeensHealth Environmental
Protection Agency
Lincoln College
Boston College BBC Bitesize S-cool Inter-Geography Revision World
Boston College BBC Bitesize
S-cool revision website Inter-Geography Revision World
Internet Geography Kids Geography Geography for Children National Geographic Geography for Kids
Internet Geography Kids Geography Geography for Children National Geographic Geography for Kids
Way With Words - CH4 BBC Bitesize Bookbuzz Young Writers noredink
Way With Words
(Channel 4)
BBC Bitesize
Bookbuzz Young Writers Noredink
  E-Learning (ICT)      
OCR Nationals Flash (Java) Clocks The Password Meter The Geek Stuff Jumpman - Flash Game Tutorial
OCR Nationals (ICT) Flash (Java) Clocks The Password Meter The Geek Stuff Jumpman
Flash Game Tutorial
Fun Zone BBC - The Recycling Game Lincolnshire County Council - Recycling Data Protection Act
Key Skills Trainer (ICT) Fun Zone The Recycling Game Lincolnshire County Council - Recycling Data Protection
It Governance        
IT Governance        
  Business Studies      
BBC - Business Studies BBC Bitesize Business Link Business Studies Online  
BBC Study Guide BBC Bitesize
Business Studies
Business Link Business Studies Online  
My Maths Maths Watch VLE      
My Maths Maths Watch      
  Modern Foreign Languages      
Independent games and practice:
Atantot Atantot Extra BBC Languages BBC - Ma France Estrellas
Atantot Atantot Extra BBC Languages Ma France Estrellas
Espaniol Extra Spanish Uno
Espaniol-Extra Spanish Uno      
Research & reference:
Word Reference Verbix Type French Text to Speech Voki
Word Reference Verbix Type French Text to Speech Voki
Research & reference:
Word Reference Verbix Type French Text to Speech Voki
Word Reference Verbix Type French Text to Speech Voki
BBC Bitesize S Cool - Revision website Doc Brown Brian Cox Dr. Michael Mosley
BBC Bitesize
S Cool Doc Brown Brian Cox
GCSE Science brought down to Earth
Dr. Michael Mosley
YouTube Videos
How it's Made Life Fantastic Science Museum BBC Science  
How it's Made
(various items)
Life fantastic Science Museum BBC Science  
Future Chef The Great British Sewing Bee      
Future Chef The Great British
Sewing Bee
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