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  Discovery House      
  Welcome to Discovey House's section of the website.      
House motto:   Discover The Inner You
House emblem:   (see news item below, plus rotating shield in right-hand column)
House charity:   To be decided by students.
  Discovery, the act of finding out or ascertaining something previously unknown or unrecognized by way of investigation by inquisitive minds. All of us within Discovery House hope to encourage students to achieve their goals by way of 'discovery'; be that by discovering new ways of learning, or discovering inner strengths.      
  We, the Discovery Team, welcome you all to the 'house' and we look forward to forthcoming challenges with the other houses.      
  What is the House System?      
  At John Spendluffe there are three houses – Discovery, Endeavour and Enterprise.  Each student is allocated to one of these houses and is placed into a House Tutor Group with other students from their house.  There are nine tutor groups within each House – each consisting around 23 students from across all year groups.  Brothers and sisters are, wherever possible, placed into the same house as each other.      
  The purpose of the House system is to engender a spirit of community, participation and healthy competition. Students can contribute to their House totals in a number of ways both in and out of the classroom - performance in lessons in terms of achievement, effort and even attendance can all earn House Points.  Competition is important and a number of inter-house competitions will be held throughout the year.      
  Discovery Logo      
Kieran Guestin - Orignal design Discovery Shield
Original drawing/design 3D Animated version