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  Endeavour House      
  Welcome to Endeavour House's section of the website.      
  Welcome back to all Endeavour students in Years 8 to 11 – I hope you all had a great summer holiday and have come back ready and raring to go!      
  A very warm welcome to all our new Year 7 students – I’m sure you will settle in to Endeavour and JSTC very quickly and we look forward to celebrating all your achievements.      
  Last year was very successful for Endeavour students and listed below are a number of the accomplishments and accolades the students received.      
  If you have any information of any personal successes (particularly those outside of college e.g. sporting performances or drama productions) that you would like mentioned on the Endeavour section of the website, please email details to and we will do our best to add them.      
  I look forward to working with you all again and to this year being even more successful than the last!      
House motto:   Reach Your Goal
House Logo:   (see news item below)
House charity:   Tanzania Rural Revival (see below for more detail)
  Endeavour means to try or attempt to do something and I hope that this will come to signify the attitude of all students within the House.      
  Mrs Steadman, the team of dedicated tutors and I will strive to create an atmosphere in which each and every student within the House feels supported and encouraged to achieve their personal best, both academically and personally.      
  I hope that all students will feel encouraged to experience all opportunities open to them within the college, and take the increased personal confidence this will bring into their lives outside of college.      
  What is the House System?      
  At John Spendluffe there are three houses – Discovery, Endeavour and Enterprise.  Each student is allocated to one of these houses and is placed into a House Tutor Group with other students from their house.  There are nine tutor groups within each House – each consisting around 23 students from across all year groups.  Brothers and sisters are, wherever possible, placed into the same house as each other.      
  The purpose of the House system is to engender a spirit of community, participation and healthy competition. Students can contribute to their House totals in a number of ways both in and out of the classroom - performance in lessons in terms of achievement, effort and even attendance can all earn House Points.  Competition is important and a number of inter-house competitions will be held throughout the year.      
  Endeavour House Charity      
  Endeavour are pleased to have selected the ‘Tanzania Rural Revival’ as their chosen charity.  All proceeds from House fund raising activities (e.g. the sale of green ribbons) will go towards providing school dormitories for students in Tanzania that would otherwise not have the opportunity to attend school.      
  We are also proud to have contributed towards providing a ‘Shelter Box’ which has been sent to Haiti following the recent earthquake.      
Endeavour Logo by Thomas Poynton   Endeavour Shield
Original   New 3D Shield