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  Enterprise House      
  Welcome to Enterprise House's section of the website.      
House motto:   An Adventurous Spirit
House emblem:   (see news item below)
House charity:   To be decided by students.
  Enterprise, the readiness to embark on bold new ventures, is a quality we hope to instill in all our students, be that in their approach to learning or in their attitude to life. Although new to John Spendluffe, the House system has been in use for many years and helps students form friendships across year groups and encourages greater pride within their personal achievements via recognition and value within their house.      
  Welcome to Enterprise House, may your year be a happy and successful one.      
  What is the House System?      
  At John Spendluffe there are three houses – Discovery, Endeavour and Enterprise.  Each student is allocated to one of these houses and is placed into a House Tutor Group with other students from their house.  There are nine tutor groups within each House – each consisting around 23 students from across all year groups.  Brothers and sisters are, wherever possible, placed into the same house as each other.      
  The purpose of the House system is to engender a spirit of community, participation and healthy competition. Students can contribute to their House totals in a number of ways both in and out of the classroom - performance in lessons in terms of achievement, effort and even attendance can all earn House Points.  Competition is important and a number of inter-house competitions will be held throughout the year.      
  The new Enterprise logo is now ready! It took a little while for the designs to come in but once here there's no doubting student's in the Enterprise House have a design flare. The winning entry is shown below.      
  Enterprise Shield