Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship and Economic Education (PSHCEE)


Personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) education is an important and necessary part of all pupils’ education. All schools should teach PSHE, drawing on good practice, and this expectation is outlined in the introduction to the proposed new national curriculum.


PSHE is a non-statutory subject. To allow teachers the flexibility to deliver high-quality PSHE we consider it unnecessary to provide new standardised frameworks or programmes of study. PSHE can encompass many areas of study. Teachers are best placed to understand the needs of their pupils and do not need additional central prescription.


However, while we believe that it is for schools to tailor their local PSHE programme to reflect the needs of their pupils, we expect schools to use their PSHE education programme to equip pupils with a sound understanding of risk and with the knowledge and skills necessary to make safe and informed decisions.


Schools should seek to use PSHE education to build, where appropriate, on the statutory content already outlined in the national curriculum, the basic school curriculum and in statutory guidance on: drug education, financial education, sex and relationship education (SRE) and the importance of physical activity and diet for a healthy lifestyle.


Events Calendar 2020


Thursday 30th January - Stay Safe Day

Year 9 (all off timetable) Periods 2-6


Tuesday 4th February - Bus Safety

Year 8 - TBC


Tuesday 25th February - Anti-Social Behaviour

Year 9 - 1 lesson a day


Other dates after half term include:


Thursday 12th March - Seat Belt Safety - Year 7


Tuesday 17th March - Seat Belt Safety - Year 8



Events Calendar

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