The main principle of reporting to parents in Key Stage 3 is:


  • To accurately represent the progress of all students against an ‘expected’ measure


  • To enable students to identify the skills they need to improve to support raising achievement


  • To align KS3 assessment with the reformed KS4 assessment system (grades 1-9)


  • To report progress to students and parents in a clear and meaningful way, that enables home support in raising achievement


Advantages to reporting in Key Stage 3


  • Support staff in tracking, monitoring and assessing the required skills at KS3 with GCSE specifications, identifying what is required at each stage


  • Provide clarity for students and parents regarding likely outcomes


  • Provide broad whole-school expected threshold outcomes for the year group

Guide to your child's report - Life After Levels


KS3 Report

Sample Report


A sample of a typical Key Stage 3 report is shown below.

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