Our current Key Stage 4 (Year 10 & 11) students are working through new GCSE specifications in preparation for new exams based on a revised 9-1 grading system where 9 is the highest grade. In response to this, all subjects at JSTC have revised their KS3 (Year 7-9) curriculum to best prepare students for these new exams.


Key Stage 4 (KS4 - years 9,10,11) involves students working towards their final graded qualifications. We know that with preparation and hard work students will achieve their personal best. The first way to support your child is to help them organise themselves to attend all school days, complete all homework and attend all intervention sessions available. It is helpful for students to have a quiet space to complete homework and revision, you can support by helping them with the self-discipline to start their revision and make preparations for upcoming examinations.  Parents and carers can support by testing students and taking an interest in what they are revising and the methods they are using.

Reporting in Key Stage 4


Below is a sample 'Progress and Mock Result' sheet for Year 11.

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