Good day Sports fans!  So, to end this crazy term, how about an ambitious JSTC challenge to erase the sadness of having no Sports Day or Swimming Gala and to lead us into the summer holidays?


This ​is a sporting challenge for all to have a go at.  We want everyone, and I mean everyone, both staff and students, to take part. Starting from:


  • 8.00am on Saturday 11th July until  6.00pm on Wednesday 15th July


You must record how far you run, walk or cycle. In this age of technology this can be easily done through an existing app currently installed on your phone e.g. Samsung or Apple Health, a Fitbit, or by downloading any free app, such as Strava, that will allow you to record the distance that you run, walk or cycle for FREE!  Take a screen shot of the distance recorded and the email this to:

Important: When sending the email type 'Run Walk Cycle' as the Subject and include your House and Year please!


​​The plan is the to see how far we, as a school, can travel across the UK by adding up all of our distances and seeing where we end up.


  • Will we (virtually) get out of Alford?
  • Will we edge toward the boundaries of Lincolnshire?
  • Will the staff travel further than the Students? Who knows?

Prizes will be on offer for the furthest Run, Walk and Cycle, and 'Spennies' will be awarded to all who take part and add to the overall distance.


  • £25 Sports Direct voucher for the person who runs the furthest
  • £25 Sports Direct voucher for the person who walks the furthest
  • £25 Sports Direct voucher for the person who cycles the furthest



So, get those trainers on and let's see how far we can go!


Good luck sports fans!

Map courtesy of Google maps

Untitled Document . . . FINAL DESTINATION . . . PIZZO . . . Southern Tip of Italy just before the island of Sicily . . . 2687 Km's . . . 1675 miles from JSTC, Hanby Lane, Alford to our final resting spot! . . . What a magnificent effort!!! . . .


John Spendluffe Technology College

Hanby Lane


LN13 9BL