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  Teacher Training - September 2016  
  Teacher Training - September 2018  
  School Direct Teacher Training  
  Candidate Information  
  The School Direct Training Programme is the fee-paying route in to teaching and open to all graduates. It is funded by tuition fees paid by the trainee, who may receive a bursary from the Teaching Agency (TA). Applications are through UCAS.  
  This route requires no work experience (other than a minimum of 10 days in a school) and so often attracts trainees straight from university. This is the school-based alternative to a university PGCE. Fees, including the PGCE qualification, are £9000. You may however be able to claim a bursary (1):
  Bursaries (2016)  
  For a September 2018 start, we aim to offer training places in the following routes /subjects:  
  • Maths
  • English
  • Science
  • Languages
  • Design & Technology

Information on bursaries:

  The UCAS application system. You can find more information via the following link:
  And application tips at:  
  Any questions? Contact Mrs R Norton, Assistant Head, at JSTC.  
(1) This information is available at: (2411/15)
(2) Schools and their staffing are of course fluid and whilst these are the places we are offering when the UCAS applications open, it is subject to change. Places may be added or withdrawn.
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