JSTC Bus Behaviour Policy


At JSTC a large number of our students access a bus service daily to come to school. We serve a number of communities including villages around Louth, Mablethorpe, Sutton-on Sea, Spilsby and Skegness. Current bus routes are outlined in Appendix 1.


All students have the right to travel safely on the bus – including members of the public who may also access the same service as our students. School buses allow our students the opportunity to enjoy travel with friends and become more independent. Behaviour on the bus needs to support safety when travelling and mutual respect between the students and driver. Staff, students, parents/carers, bus companies and the County Council must work in partnership to ensure high standards of behaviour.


The school will work hard with all parties to ensure that;

  • all students understand the need for good behaviour on the bus
  • any required action is taken in a timely manner
  • the school code ‘Respect Rules’  extends to travel to and from school


Bus passes/tickets


Students must carry their bus pass/ticket at all times to ensure that;

  • they can show they are travelling on the right bus
  • that they are entitled to travel


Replacement passes can be obtained from LCC for a small cost.


Keeping safe when getting on/off the bus


Students should;

  • queue sensibly, well away from the edge of the road
  • allow others leaving the bus to exit before they get on
  • get on and off in an orderly manner
  • wait for the bus to leave before attempting to cross the road
  • follow road safety procedures for crossing the road


On the bus students must;

  • not reserve seats for other students.
  • sit in a seat directed by the bus company or driver as requested.
  • remain seated throughout the journey
  • not speak to the driver or otherwise distract him unless there is an emergency
  • not stand in front of the driver or in the stairwell
  • not have possession of any prohibited items as outlined in school rules
  • not use foul or abusive language
  • behave appropriately to others
  • follow the driver’s instructions should the bus breakdown and not leave the area unless given the approval of the driver
  • not throw items or damage the inside or outside of the bus*

Covid Requirements

Students must wear a facemask when travelling on all buses and other forms of school transport. Transport providers will refuse a student access to transport if a face covering is not worn.

* Please be aware that all cases of damage are reported to the police and parents may be liable for the cost of replace/repair/cleaning.

   Buses are routinely monitored via CCTV. CCTV footage will be used as evidence.

Sanctions for unacceptable behaviour


As a school we are committed to ensuring that all passengers travel safely on the bus. In addition to school sanctions there are a number of other procedures that can be applied.  This list is not exhaustive, nor a definitive statement that in every case the sanction indicated will be applied.  Each case will be considered on its individual merits.


At any point in the process LCC may insist that parents and student sign an individual behaviour contract. This may be kept in place for an academic year or longer.  In such cases a formal meeting is set up between school, student, parents and LCC to discuss the reasons for the contract and implications of further instances of poor behaviour.


1 week bus ban

  • defiance of duty staff or bus driver
  • misuse of a pass or ticket
  • anti-social behaviour towards other students/driver/passengers
  • using prohibited items on the bus
  • throwing items around the bus
  • bullying another student on the bus


2 week bus ban

  • any repeat offence that resulted in a 1 week ban
  • causing damage to the bus
  • misuse of the emergency exit
  • fighting
  • repeated bullying of others


Longer bus ban

A longer ban may result from more serious cases .


Notification of bans

LCC will inform parents by letter of the bus ban and the extent and duration of this.  Notification will be given in sufficient time for parents to find alternative travel arrangements.  Parents must arrange alternative methods for their child to attend school during the period of the ban.


Staff Duties

Staff are allocated bus duty on a weekly rota system. Their presence at the start and end of the day helps to ensure a calm and orderly process of accessing and leaving the bus.


Bus Leaders

Students are selected to be ‘bus leaders’ for each bus.  There are approximately 2-4 bus leaders on each bus with a specific role.  The role of the bus leader is outlined in appendix 2.




Appendix 1

Map/visual of the bus routes and named stops


Appendix 2


Application – JSTC Bus Leader


Job description

  • to work with the bus driver and school to reduce any problems on the journey to and from school
  • to sit in the most appropriate place where needed
  • to report any inappropriate or upsetting behaviour to the bus driver (if possible) or to school via a pro-forma to the student’s own Progress Team
  • to support younger students
  • to act to prevent bullying (through information given to their own Progress Team)


Have you got what it takes to make a difference?


Are you...

  • a regular bus user who wants to make a difference on your bus journey?
  • respectful of all passengers?
  • confident and a good listener?
  • prepared to report incidents so that all students are safe on the bus and can enjoy their journey


In return we will give you

  • canteen or other rewards
  • canteen pass
  • our appreciation for a job well done – knowing that you are supporting others!



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