Teacher of Food: Mrs Grove


"I feel Food Technology equips students with the ability to be self-sufficient, as well as offer a life-skill that will increase their confidence and help them make knowingly sensible choices when it comes to diet."

Departmental Aims


The department focuses it aims on both Healthy Eating and understanding the 'science' involved with food preparation and culinary expertise. Food Technology for Years 7, 8 and 9 (Key Stage 3) is used to develop students skills and awareness of essential techniques and good practices. Therefore, by Years 10 and 11 (Key Stage 4), students' have a sound, underpinning knowledge of the necessary procedures and aptitude required for their GCSE work.


The OCR 'Food Reparation and Nutrition' qualification starts in Year 10 and for the first 2 terms we build on further developing students practical skills in cooking and making a range of products as well as further developing their knowledge of the different aspects of Food Technology.


The OCR 'Food Reparation and Nutrition' qualification is divided in to 3 areas:


  1. Food Reparation and Nutrition written examination paper. 1 hour 30 minutes - 50% of total GCSE
  2. Food Investigation Task.  1500 to 2000 word limit - 15% of total GCSE
  3. Food Preparation Task. 3 hour duration - 35% of total GCSE.


The full specification for the OCR 'Food Reparation and Nutrition' qualification is available here in PDF format.

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Little Acorns - Refresher Videos:

A series of videos recorded by Mrs Grove of simple

recipes for you to try, practice and perfect.   

Examples of student dishes
 taken from the 2017 cohort:

BBC Food Preparation & Nutrition

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Gastro Lab

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Food Preparation & Nutrition

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Food Preparation & Nutrition

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Food Preparation & Nutrition

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Food Preparation & Nutrition

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