Pastoral and Inclusion systems


Students have a team of three pastoral staff who have responsibility for ensuring that students are happy and that any barriers to learning and progress are addressed.  The Pastoral leader is supported by a deputy and assistant and together they work with students and families to ensure students can achieve well in school. The students’ tutor also plays a vital role in supporting their students to develop the skills that they need to make the right progress towards their target grades and ensure that any barriers to learning are identified and acted upon. If students have concerns in school they should talk to their tutor – who they see every morning.  This is usually an effective route to solving any potential concerns.


Should a student have a particular concern that they wish to have support with from the pastoral team there is a system of ‘self-referral’ used in school. Students can readily use this system to contact their pastoral team and access timely and effective support.


The pastoral team operate a series of report systems to enable students and parents to be kept informed about progress in lessons and the removal of barriers to learning. If there are identified needs the pastoral team will work with the SEND department, SENCo, attendance team or inclusion team to access the best expertise and guidance both in school and from outside agencies.

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