Life After Levels - An Overview


Assessing your child’s progress at John Spendluffe – a guide for parents Schools are no longer able to report on your child’s progress at secondary school using levels as these have been removed from the National Curriculum by the Government. The Department of Education say that ‘levels are not very good at helping parents understand their child’s progress’. Therefore the reports that you receive for your child will no longer describe performance as for example a 4a, 5b or 6c.


On entry to secondary school your child will have a range of data that we can use to tell us about their strengths and areas of the curriculum they might find more challenging. From this data GCSE targets can be set. Children of course can develop at different rates and

therefore we wait until Year 9 before your child is given a specific GCSE target grade. They will however be assigned to a ‘flightpath’ that has a narrow range of potential GCSE grades they could achieve. Getting this right is essential.


Our assessment system has been designed to measure your child’s progress against a projected GCSE grade. Should your child makes more progress than expected in Years 7 and 8 the target grade will be adjusted and a new, higher target put in place for Year 9. If your

child makes less progress than expected we will support your child to help them gain the skills and expertise needed. Your child’s progress will be measured along a ‘flightpath’ towards their potential GCSE target. The specific flightpath your child could be assigned to is one of the following...


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